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The Bao Loc city have been known for mulberry, raising silkworms and weaving silk. Bao Loc silk cloth is soft and seductive. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The fashion of Bao Loc silk is honor more elegance the beauty for woman. It brings a gorgeous beauty and confedence in communication. A silk scarf, a caravat or a suit is made from 100 % mulberry silk also makes you more charming and hi-class luxury. How Ho Chi Minh city about 190 km and from the center of Da Lat city about 110 km. The highlands Bao Loc with an average altitude of over 800 m compare to sea level. The climate in this place is cool round year, high humidity is very suitable for growing mulberry and raising silkworms. Bao Loc city has been recognized as a capital of Viet Nam sericulture. There are many companies and plants specialize and processing mulberry silk with brand “BaoLoc Silk” has been popular in the country and all over the world, such as Bao Loc Silk Group ( BSG ) etc,.. . Read more

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