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Tien Len Mien Nam at dream99 Live game portal is a game with quite simple rules và many opportunities lớn win attractive gifts. It is also a card game loved by many players as a familiar game. So how does the game play? What are the rules of the game? If you are interested, please take a few minutes lớn read our following article.

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Southern Tien Len card game rules dream99
Game Tien Len Mien dream99 has very simple rules và everyone can play it easily.

According to the rules of the system, in a game with 4 players, whoever holds 3 spades will go first. As for games with only 2 to 3 players, the dealer will have the right to bet first. In the next games, whoever wins will have the right lớn play first.

How to play Tien Len Mien Nam dream99
To play Tien Len Mien Nam dream99 game, you need lớn register or log in to your game tài khoản, these steps are completely miễn phí. At the house, just click on Tien Len Mien Nam. After that, you will choose the bet level & game to start playing.

If you want lớn play privately with bạn bè, nhấn on create a table. And finally, you should choose the bet màn chơi, the type of table with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players & create a password for your game tài khoản. If you want lớn play any table, just click on the table button. Next, enter the table number & password to join the game.

And in the way of playing, the house also regulates specific cards and card combinations as follows:

Single card: Any card out of 52 cards.
Pair: Two cards of the same type.
Three of a kind: 3 identical cards.
Four of a Kind: 4 identical cards.
Three consecutive pairs: Three pairs in a row. For example: Pair 5, pair 6, pair 7.
Four consecutive pairs: Four consecutive pairs. For example: Pair 3, pair 4, pair 5, pair 6.
Straight: The cards are consecutive, the shortest straight is 3 cards 3, 4, 5, the longest straight is: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A (Also known as dragon hall).
Win white: The player will win trắng if the 13 cards dealt are in order from 3 to ace.
Lost: If there is a player at the table who has not played a single card while another player has played all the cards, he will lose, will be fined lớn lose 2 times the money & have his cards checked, counting the number of “pigs”. “goods” remaining on the card will result in additional fines.
Piggy: When the winner comes & you still have a pig, you will be stinking the pig và have more money deducted from the pig.
Burn 3 of Spades: When the winner comes to have the last 3 of Spades.
The secret to remembering cards when playing the game Tien Len Mien Nam dream99
Once you have firmly grasped the rules of the game, the next thing you need lớn pay attention to is remembering your cards as well as your opponent”s cards. That way you will have a reasonable strategy for yourself và win every time.

Use safe fighting styles when playing the game Tien Len Mien Nam dream99
For new players, you should use this strategy to ensure the money stays in your account for the longest time. In particular, for the game Tien Len Mien Nam, players need to calculate carefully so that at the end of the game, they bởi vì not end up with pig rot, four-quarter rot, or four-quarter rot.


Above is very detailed information about the game Tien Len Mien Nam dream99. Hope it helps you while playing. Wish you luck và success!


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